• February 16, 2021

Best Baby Carrier to Buy in 2021: A Buyer’s Guide

Best Baby Carrier to Buy in 2021: A Buyer’s Guide

At four months, your concern for not wanting to leave your baby unattended is understandable. A good solution for your predicament is to get your little one a baby carrier that will not only keep your baby close to you but safe and comfortable too.

Millions of mothers with babies use baby carriers every day and experience a fantastic warmth and closeness with their babies. Once you and your baby are accustomed to using the carrier, you’ll want nothing but the best baby carrier. So, go ahead and check out the market for the best baby carrier in India 2020.

But before that, let’s see what a baby carrier is.


What is a Baby Carrier?

Often, a baby carrier, baby sling, or a kangaroo bag is worn on one’s shoulders. It is set on the chest and stomach so that the baby is put into it and rests against you.


Types of Baby Carriers

There are five types of baby carriers that we see in India. These are:


backpack carrier

Pexels: Josh Willink


#1. Backpack Carrier

This baby carrier is designed to hold your baby in your backpack and on your back. Your child would have to be a toddler to be carried in this one as it would be unsuitable for babies or infants. A backpack carrier is ideal for you if you’re an outdoorsy person or if you travel a lot and prefer to carry your kiddo in this way.

However, once you settle your baby in this carrier on your back, you won’t be allowed to have frequent checks on him. An infant might feel ignored if you’re not always around him to show him affection. This might make him feel insecure, so it’s best to use a backpack carrier when he’s a little older, say when he’s a toddler.

#2. Front-Facing Baby Carrier


front-facing baby carrier

Pexels: Josh Willink

You’ve probably seen numerous young mothers carrying around their babies in this carrier. It is set on the chest and stomach so that the baby lays his head against your chest. This type of baby carrier aids you in checking on your baby periodically and quickly. A mother’s touch and body warmth are sure to make him feel loved and secure. No wonder young parents consider this the best baby carrier in the market.

However, some mothers feel that since the baby is facing outwards, this carrier for the baby does not offer adequate head support. Also, when he sleeps, his head would droop, and that could cause a breathing problem. The most appropriate time for him to move around in a front-facing baby carrier is six months, by which time he has developed good neck and head control.

#3. Baby Sling Carrier


baby carrier sling

Photo: Sarkus

This baby carrier is worn across a mother’s shoulder, just like a sling bag. Its design is simple and basic: a piece of cloth passes through a ring to form a bag shape in which you can place your baby. If you’re nursing your baby, this baby carrier is ideal for you. This model does not allow you to carry your baby for extended periods as the carrier will not spread the baby’s weight evenly across both your shoulders, resulting in pain in your shoulders and neighboring regions.


#4. Baby Carrier Wrap

A baby carrier wrap is right for you and your baby if you’re the kind of mother who wants to hold her baby close to her. In India, traditionally, women have carried their babies in soft textured sarees. A baby carrier wrap is just that. Only you backpack carriercan now buy it as a wrap instead of depending on sarees.

A wrap baby carrier is a large piece of cloth is tied around your body so that you carry your baby around safely as you walk and do small chores. It neither has straps nor metal buckles, but being made of soft cloth, your baby feels comfortable and loved in it. For hot conditions, this one proves ideal.

#5. Mei Tei Baby Carrier

This baby carrier model resembles a baby wrap carrier in shape and design. It comes with shoulder straps that you should tie around your waist to offer safety to the baby. It is made of soft material and is designed in a way that you can hold your baby very close to you. You can use this for your infant or older baby too. It is structured to protect your joints from being burdened with the baby’s weight by spreading the little one’s weight evenly across your hips.

From these types of baby carriers, you can easily decide which type of baby carrier is best for you and your baby.  You can then buy a baby carrier online in India.

Should You Buy a Baby Carrier? Key Benefits

Using a baby carrier is replete with advantages. What are they? Read on to find out how you can help your baby by using one:

  • All-Round Health Benefits

You give your baby a bundle of health benefits when you place him in a baby carrier. The carrier allows him to be held correctly and comfortably. Carrying him upright stimulates his digestion. Besides, being seated in this position also prevents him from developing physical defects resulting from keeping him on his stomach or back for long periods.


  • Your Baby Sleeps Better

Your baby will always sleep better in a baby carrier knowing that you are nearby. According to research, babies in close contact with their mothers sleep better and for many more hours. When the little one stirs, you will be aware of it immediately since you are wearing the baby.


  • Enables Better Quality of Parenting

With your baby strapped around your waist, you’re free to do the necessary household chores. This saves your time while also giving your baby the high quality of emotional and health development he needs at this stage. Additionally, he gets warmth and comfort from you while also enabling easy breastfeeding. Since he is so comfortable and happy, he cries rarely and is, overall, a happy baby.


  • Prevented from Flat Head Syndrome

If a baby lies on his back for several hours, he runs the risk of developing what’s known as Flat Head Syndrome. By carrying him around in a baby carrier, you negate this possibility.


  • Your Baby Isn’t Colicky

Normally, babies are known to be colicky soon after a feed. This is identified as stomach pain caused due to indigestion. However, by using a baby carrier, the infant sits in an upright position. The carrier is also designed to massage the baby’s stomach, so preventing colic.


  • Encourages Physical Growth

Babies in carriers are extremely active. This aids in head and neck development and control. They also build muscles early. So, investing in a baby carrier has immense benefits for your child’s physical development.


  • Enables Language Development

Wearing your baby in a carrier helps them remain close to you. Being so physically close to you, they pick up sounds and words and begin throwing out the words they hear. At this stage, it’s a good idea to read books to them. Not only will familiar words help them make word connections, but they will also speak a little.


  • Breastfeeding in Seclusion

If you’re the type of mom that wants a private moment to breastfeed your baby, then it’s best to set him up in a carrier. Once he’s in his very private space–the baby carrier–it, you can nurse him easily and get all the privacy you crave.

carrier strong parent-baby bond

Photo: Bradbury

By strapping your baby into a carrier, he stays close to you. Consequently, he feels and recognizes not just your face but your warmth and your voice. This creates a strong bond between you and your baby.


  • You Can Spend Time with Your Older Kids

The birth of a baby and all the attention it gets often make older children feel ignored and unloved. However, you can remedy such a situation by showing the older ones affection too. By using a baby carrier, you can spend time and have fun with your older kids. You can also involve them in looking after the house and doing small things related to the baby.


Babywearing Safety Tips

Babywearing is so safe that it is now medically recommended, so read on to find how you can use it to ensure your baby’s safety:

  • The best baby carrier supports your baby’s head, back, and neck. It should offer maximum support so that the baby’s head and neck are correctly positioned.
  • By ensuring the baby’s head and neck are properly aligned, you encourage his future physical development. This can also reduce any chances of physical defects developing.
  • The baby carrier should be so positioned that the baby’s movements are not restricted.
  • Check that you don’t suffer a strain in your back. Also, ensure that you can take the baby’s weight and are balanced on your feet.

Baby Carrier Product Reviews

After getting a good idea of the typical baby carrier, let’s find out the top 5 best baby carriers that are well-suited to your baby.


#1. LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier

This one offers four positions and has a waist belt for good lumbar support, mesh fabric, two padded and adjustable straps on the shoulders, and soft leg and armhole openings for ultimate comfort. A detachable hardboard supports his head and neck.



  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy



  • The carrier front is abrasive.
  • Weak back grip


#2. Mee Mee Lightweight Breathable Baby Carrier

With this baby carrier, your baby can be seated in four positions—front-facing, back-facing, front-facing kangaroo, and back-facing kangaroo. The use of premium quality fabrics makes it gentle on the baby’s skin, and safe too.



  • Soft cushioning near the head is protective of the baby’s head and neck.
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Made of high-quality material


  • Product not accompanied by manual
  • Baby-carrying is inconvenient.

#3. Chinmay Kids 4-in-1 Adjustable Baby Carrier Cum Kangaroo Bag

This top-rated baby carrier offers four carrying position options: Cross Arm Carry, Chest Way, Back Carry, and Kangaroo Style. It is comfortable for the baby and the person wearing the carrier. It has comfortable and strong adjustable straps and can carry a child of not more than 15 kg.



  • Easy to get the baby in and out of the carrier
  • Made of breathable material
  • Safety features are incorporated into the design.


  • Poor quality
  • Does not offer safety to the child.


#4. Babyhug First Blossom 3 Way Baby Carrier With Detachable Bib & Head Cushion

What’s remarkable about this baby carrier is that it offers three carry positions—front-facing, face-out, and back-facing-in. It also has a comfortable and removable head cushion that protects your baby’s head. On the comfort front, it also offers a padded leg opening and mesh lining.



  • Ergonomic design
  • Made of breathable fabric
  • Easy maintenance



  • Difficult assembly
  • Inadequate back support


#5. R for Rabbit Hug Me Elite Baby Carrier

Among the top baby carriers in India, R for Rabbit Hug Me stands out on various fronts. It offers three carrying positions—face-in, front carry facing out, and back carry. These positions make the baby comfortable and allow you to use your time suitably. This carrier is ideal for growing babies and supports the baby’s head, neck, hips, and spine. The baby feels cool and comfortable since his baby carrier is made with breathable cotton material and offers comfortable padding.



  • Comfortable
  • Ample back support
  • Ergonomic design



  • Breaks easily
  • The baby is uncomfortable in it


Factors to Consider When Choosing A Baby Carrier In India

Buying a baby carrier is certainly not a piece of cake. You can’t step into a shop and buy one with a wave of a hand. You need to see several types of carriers and examine them for their plus and minus points before making an informed choice.

Here are the parameters of selecting the best baby carrier in India in 2021. Check them out in online stores and offline.

  • Head Support

A good and reliable baby carrier must offer excellent head support. After all, their heads and necks are delicate, and they still lack any head and neck control. So, an ideal carrier would offer this feature in good measure.


  • Body Support

Check that the baby carrier you’re looking at has enough lumbar support for your little one. It should also have adequate padding for your baby’s back, head, and legs.


  • Comfort

To be sure that your baby is comfortable, check that his legs are in the “M” position that spells hip health. Your comfort also has to be considered, so check that you receive good shoulder and back support. You should also look out for additional padded shoulder straps if you plan to keep your baby on your back or front for extended periods in his baby carrier.


  • Easy to Use

You’ll find that it’s easier to get your baby into a ring sling than a wrap which involves several steps. So, think well before you buy a carrier. In fact, it would help you immensely to read several baby carrier reviews online before you make your final choice.


  • Fabric

In your search for a baby carrier, you’ll find a range of them made in different fabrics. Commonly, cotton, organic, and polyester are used. To determine whether you’re buying a high-quality product, check the following:

  • Whether the carrier is made of cotton, organic or synthetic material
  • If it’s easy to clean
  • Is it fire-resistant?
  • Is it anti-allergenic?
  • Is it sturdy and made of breathable material?


  • Easy Maintenance

A good baby carrier is usually machine-washable. Check the washing instructions for this. For a young mother like you, it would be a great help to have an easy-to-wash carrier.


  • Fit

You should always buy a baby carrier that fits your baby well. Here, one size does not fit all and it would be dangerous for the baby if he were placed in an ill-fitting baby carrier. So, when you’re choosing a carrier for him, take him shopping so that you choose the right sized one.


  • Durable

You’ll naturally want your baby carrier to last your kid until he is a toddler. This means you need to buy a sturdy one that can accommodate his growing weight.




  • Which Are the Top Factors to Consider When Choosing A Baby Carrier?

There are several factors to bear in mind when choosing a baby carrier. For instance, your baby carrier should match your needs and lifestyle. For heavier babies, choose a carrier that can take the weight of such babies.

  • Consider the period you will need a carrier and check whether it’s worth buying one for that brief period.
  • Are you a nursing mother? If yes, a carrier will take the strain off you while you nurse your baby.
  • To ensure that you don’t suffer any physical strain on your back and shoulders, choose a lightweight baby carrier.


  • When Can I Carry My Baby in a Carrier?

Though theoretically, a new-born can be placed in a carrier, but that can be done only if the carrier offers adequate head and neck support to the baby. And, the carrier should be of soft material that allows the baby to snuggle up easily. So, at this age, a wrap or sling is advised.

However, it’s best to place your baby in a carrier when he’s about four to five months old. At this age, his neck muscles are sufficiently strong to support his head. So, bear this in mind when buying a carrier.

  • How Long Can You Carry A Baby in A Carrier?

This depends on how comfortable your baby feels in his carrier. If you give him sufficient support against discomfort, he can continue to remain in the baby carrier for a long time. His comfortable position here will lead to good physical development. You can begin to use a carrier for your baby when he reaches a bodyweight of 3.2 kg. Keep him in there till he reaches the maximum weight the carrier can carry.


On a day-to-day basis, if you find him in discomfort and crying, it could be because he’s uncomfortable being in there for very long. So, the moment he indicates he’s uncomfortable, take him out of his carrier.


  • Can My Baby Sleep in His Carrier Safely?

Sure. If you set up the baby carrier correctly fastened, your baby can sleep in it very safely.

  • Will the Use of a Baby Carrier Affect His Hips?

Baby carriers are specially designed to offer support to the baby’s legs. This makes them very safe for use, and there is no risk of hip defects in the growing infant.


  • How Does an Ergonomic Baby Carrier Work?

The carrier that distributes the child’s weight across its body makes him comfortable. This is the No. 1 factor to consider when opting for an ergonomic baby carrier. His bodily position should be such that his spine and legs are aligned in the same way as if you were holding him in your arms. Such baby carriers are also equipped with many advanced functions that relate to the baby’s comfort.



Now that you’re armed with sufficient information about the best baby carrier to buy in 2021, you can effortlessly sift hrough a wide range of these products in online and offline stores. Wherever you may buy from, ensure that it’s of the highest standard of comfort for your baby and convenience for you. For more information, do write to us and yes, drop your comments in the box below. We’d love to hear from you.

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